Big Blue


I have been doing a fair amount of machine sewing lately. Some of it has been modification of unused items, some of it has been the small projects that are ‘free’ on the front of magazines, and I have patched some of my jeans. I also made a flannel blanket for my son, a very large one that should help hold the toys in bed with him. Oh boy. The more serious sewing still lies ahead of me, the fleecy jacket for my son, the black tops for me.

bigbluesketchThe project that impressed me most was inspired by my son’s lament that he needed a bigger cuddly toy to take to bed with him. The larger toys were not soft enough, and his tigers not large enough. I was not keen on a large stuffed toy entering the house. However, he had been having trouble sleeping, disturbed by low-level nightmares that the dreamcatcher could not filter (school art project). As he fell asleep, inspiration struck. I did not want a big toy to enter the house, but I had no objection to a pillow coming in, as it was time his pillow was replaced, and they tend to come in packs of two, so one for his head, one for the toy. I scribbled a couple of ideas on a scrap of paper (I have had decades of being told not to use scraps of paper, they get lost, but it is like running through the house, a habit that has been impossible to break), and a few days later bought the corduroy (cotton, but soft and fluffy-ish) to make Big Blue the cat.

bigbluefeaturesSo far Big Blue has been a great success. My son is sleeping well. I am amazed that he is something I made, as he does not look made-by-me. I handstitched the eyes, as my attempt to sew the centre of the eye onto the larger piece of fabric was terrible, and it is not something I want to do often enough to take the trouble to work out how to do it properly on the machine. I tacked the shape of the mouth and position of whiskers before backstitching the real thing. Limbs, tail and ears were stitched on with a smaller stitch than usual, several times, to ensure they won’t come out. 


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