A few Easter chicks


I have been wanting to make some sort of lavendar bag for months. It has been an insane urge. Maybe a few drawers are a bit musty when opened, but wouldn’t it make more sense to toss the stagnant items? Sigh. There just never seems to be time. But there is time to sew chicks. Huh.

Anyway, several sources of inspiration converged recently.

There was the stench, very slight in this house, that came from the sewer upgrade works (thank goodness the holes in the road near here were open for less than a week – some intersections have been closed for months with huge access holes). I distracted my nose with a small dish containing some chai tea and lavendar (my stomach can’t handle black tea anymore).


There was the library craft blog session, with the suggestion that favourite craft blogs be shared. We did not reach that point in the session, but when looking at old favourites I came across Molly Chicken (http://mollychicken.blogs.com/my_weblog/), no longer active, but the archive is beautiful and the chicks in the banner seemed to be just what I needed.

And finally, instead of making a pattern, I just cut the first directly from the fabric, then used that as my pattern (but then traced afterwards, just in case…). This is the approach used by my son and my nephew when making anything from paper or fabric (or, let’s face it, Lego). It is the best way of cutting shapes from felt, particularly small circles for making eyes. After cutting, I then sorted them according to size to create pairs, trimming one or two where needed. 


Placement of beak and tail before stitching. (Couple of beak positions used.)


Stitching the bottom with one of my favourite machine feet (the saleswoman seemed uncertain of the wisdom of that purchase with the machine, yet I use it as often as the regular foot).


Steps in production.


Happy Easter!

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