walnuts and jigsaws


We had a brief holiday in Tasmania, and while there I bought some walnuts, in their shells. Back at the apartment I realised that I had neither nutcracker nor meat tenderiser. An image of Antonio Carluccio entered my mind, and I thought of him wandering about in the woods, eating anything, using his pocket knife when necessary. So I tried opening the walnut shells with a knife, and it worked! At home, I wanted to repeat the experiment, but did not want to risk ruining any of my few sharp knives, so I tried an ordinary bread and butter knife, quite blunt. It worked. And since then only one walnut has required that I resort to the hammer equivalent.


Life has been busy. I am making an effort to get more junk out of the house. When I made the huge effort five years ago, I began at the back of the house and worked my way forwards. This time I am beginning at the front, and I am still in the front room. I have reduced the space occupied by jigsaw puzzles simply by making puzzles share boxes. The largest boxes have left the house, minus their pictures, which I have taped to the shared box, larger pictures accommodated inside. 


This is something I could not have done a few years ago – it would have seemed wrong to cut up a jigsaw box, to disregard the feelings of the people involved in its design and manufacture, and then of the person who might own it next. Huh. Today it is mine. And it only took so much space so that it might be noticed in the shop.


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