cats at year’s end


I often carry around a bag of cats. Last year there were five of them travelling to the zoo each week. Some people make a rod for their own back, I stick to crochet cats. 


Pyewacket joined us at Christmas. If the name is ringing a faint bell, perhaps you have enjoyed “Bell, Book and Candle”. It is the movie my son first saw when he was around 15 months old, and it instantly became the movie he had to watch. I don’t know if it happens with all children, or just with most of the children in my family, but it seems that at that crucial age they suddenly become obsessed with a single movie, and have to watch it repeatedly. I felt I was lucky. The more we watched this movie, the more I loved it. I love the soundtrack, which is very important in a movie that is watched daily, sometimes twice, as a loathed soundtrack can drive a person crazy. (An evil family member tried to create an attachment to Mama Mia, that ABBA movie, and I cannot adequately express my dislike for that soundtrack. My sister’s children were introduced, by the same person, to ‘Dirty Dancing’, another movie I am happy to never see nor hear again.) I also like the people in “Bell, Book and Candle”, many unattached adults who lead interesting lives and don’t seem to be bothered about having romances. Anyway, for years it was known as ‘The Meow Movie’, and there are still times when I find myself thinking of it that way. The movie begins on Christmas eve, so it seemed an appropriate time for our own Pyewacket to enter our lives. 


Then came the birthday, just a week later. I was told in the middle of the year that the blankets I make are too dreary. Even the eye-watering blanket my grandmother had made was not bright enough, I assume due to the inclusion of a black border. So I ordered so bright wool from the Bendigo woollen mills, and this blanket seemed to make itself. It was a lot of fun. I also had a ball of brightly coloured random-dyed wool in the stash, so a cat was made to accompany the blanket. Absolutely insane, yet fun.


And now I can carry seven cats everywhere we go.



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