150906 plainpopcorn

Normally I eat this with just some salt, pepper and dried oregano. If you haven’t tried popcorn with freshly cracked pepper, but do like popcorn, I recommend this variation.

150906 popcornsnack

For added variety and health benefits, add a little fruit. Mandarins and chunks of banana shown here.

150906 popcornolivesandlettuce

To turn it into a lunch, I added chopped lettuce and a few olives. Very enjoyable.

Now I am wondering if I can present this as a salad for general consumption. It would be unique. In summer I could substitute pineapple for the mandarin, and there are loads of other variations based on such substitutions. 

Or maybe it would be better, certainly more conventional, to omit the popcorn.

And while this might seem an attractive way to entice a fussy eater to broaden their food range, it held no attraction for the one bearing that label in this house. I was not surprised. Perhaps when he is older I will have to drag him off to France to replicate the experience Michael Booth describes at the beginning of “Doing Without Delia” (also published as “Sacre Cordon Bleu”).

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One Response to popcorn

  1. knittedblissjc says:

    what an unusual combo! I never think of mixing popcorn with any other type of food, to have it be a sort of salad? I’m really intrigued! And I love the photo of the capybaras from your previous post, adorable.

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