small frying pan

frying pan

I dithered for months before buying this frying pan. It is one of those small ones that seem to be everywhere at the moment, 14 cm diameter across the top, silicon handle, non-stick interior. I dithered because I don’t want to accumulate objects I don’t use, and I am over-proud of having very few pots and pans. This is a small kitchen with correspondingly small cupboards. I can’t afford to have anything in it that we don’t use, although there are exceptions and they are kept in the cupboard above the fridge, and on the top shelf of other cupboards, the spaces I can’t reach without a chair. There is empty space above the cupboards, where we keep Easter chocolates while they last, and where we used to place confiscated toys for very short periods of times if our warnings were ignored. 

Back to the frying pan. It has been incredibly useful. It fits in well with how I eat, and I imagine I will use it even more this winter. I used to be very fond of the toaster as a means of quickly preparing warm food when I felt cold. That is no longer an option due to my resistance to eating breads that have lists of ingredients that give the impression that they were created in a lab (I am referring to those gluten-free breads that I did not like during my gluten-rich days, so I have no desire to try them now). Instead of the toaster, I will be using this frying pan. 

At first, I bought it to make frittata, single serve single egg variety. It is perfect for that.


However, I succumbed to the appeal of a punnet of plums that turned out to be lacking in flavour, as stone fruits so often are when bought at a supermarket. I sensibly cooked them in the frying pan. Wow! I have been fiddling about ever since, and even buying plums with the intention of cooking them.

fruits in frying pan

So, a few ‘recipes’, or at least a few combinations that have been successful in the pan. 

Note: I keep the temperature of the hot plate (13 cm diameter, electric) medium low, a position corresponding to 4 o’clock on the temperature dial. I don’t want to risk cooking away the interior. And I always use a silicone spatula.


Plums, apples, strawberries tried so far.

Sometimes with the juice of a lime (the tree has been bountiful this year).

Sometimes with a slice of fresh ginger.

Always with some ground spice: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, speck of cloves – usually just one, but sometimes a combination.


Cooked vegetables (leftover roasties, or cubes of pumpkin and sweet potato, boiled for 12 minutes).

Small tin of corn kernels (125 g). 

Broccoli and mushrooms were not so nice, but that could be due to my mild aversion to broccoli (I prefer it cooked differently).

Many other vegetables to be tried, and I am especially looking  forward to asparagus in spring.

Warm the vegetables for a couple of minutes in the pan.

Then add 1 beaten egg.

Sometimes I add grated parmesan and sweet paprika to the egg, and the pepper is added whenever I think of it…

I let the egg cook with a larger lid balanced on the pan. Once it looks set, I remove the lid and place the frying pan under the grill until the frittata browns, and use a pot holder when retrieving the pan from the grill, as while the handle is covered with silicone, the pan came with a warning regarding heat transfer, and it is good for me to maintain the habit of using the potholder regardless of what is under the grill. 


cooking in frying pan
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