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Time just disappears so quickly.

I began writing about a book I had read, but it connected too many books together and became a jumble, so instead, today, a much easier update on craft activities.


The crochet squares keep accumulating. I make four matching squares at a time, with the intention of deciding on a layout for one quarter of the blanket, then joining the squares of the other quarters to match. Some larger squares have worked their way into the collection already.


The school library bag disappeared at school. I preferred to make a replacement. We have already learnt through experience that none of the bags supplied by the school or purchased through it are waterproof, depite being made from man-made fibres. I have sewn a cotton bag, simply because it is my preferred fibre, and the scrap of fabric was lying around here. Remnants are being used to make pencil cases and coin purses.


My son is not growing as quickly as anticipated, and his trousers are not lasting as long as I would like. He requested the monster patches for these trousers, and is very happy with them. I expect he will fit his new trousers within a month – he appetite has increased this last week.

The elimination of gluten from my diet had me on the brink of depression as Easter approached. I hated it being triggered by something so trivial as the realisation that I won’t be eating hot cross buns ever again, not the very favourite ones I was buying for my son. The effect was compounded by a series of headaches that had me anticipating a migraine. The migraine did not eventuate, thank goodness, and just after the headaches disappeared I listened to a podcast describing cluster headaches, a phenomenon that is usually triggered by an equinox, more rarely by a solstice, and can be incredibly painful (BBC Radio 4, Inside Health, 26/3/14). The threat of migraine is the only thing that keeps me from indulging in gluten-rich products, and the thought of giving up gluten then suffering the weird headaches and having migraines again was unbearable. But all is well now.


Now for a very simple lunchtime salad, for days when salads seem too dreary and bothersome:


  • diced apple
  • sliced banana
  • chopped lettuce (or baby leaves if they look okay – they have been looking horrible lately where I shop)
  • pepitas
  • sultanas
  • a little Camembert
  • a grind of black pepper.










Note: Australian pepitas are much more flavoursome than the Chinese ones, but the only place I have been able to purchase them is at the Vic market, at the nut stall closest to Thierry st.


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