Hot Weather Projects

handspuncrochetsquaresLast year in Melbourne we had a heat wave in March that lasted about ten days. It shocked me, and probably a lot of other people too. It continued past the equinox, which I considered very unreasonable. The equinox should mark the end of the possibility of hot weather.

During that time I felt housebound. Walking and cycling were unpleasant, so any shopping that needed to be done was incorporated into the school walks. At home I hated feeling unproductive, and resumed work on a crochet blanket I began over 15 years ago. The wool is handspun. The pattern came from a magazine I did not reference, something I would not do now. I watched DVDs on my laptop while I worked on the crochet. I took breaks to read, and found J.K.Rowling’s ‘The Casual Vacancy’ surprisingly absorbing, ‘surprisingly’ because I did not expect to like the book at all. However, my mother had lent it to me, and it seemed a good time to try it. Somehow, while feeling as though I was doing nothing, I crocheted what turned out to be two thirds of the blanket. When the cool change came, I crocheted the squares together and added a border. It is a wonderful blanket.

handspuncrochetblanketSo I am thinking of blankets again. I have some wool I might weave into a stripey blanket. I keep seeing (and liking) woven stripes everywhere. The four-shaft loom might come out of its hiding place. I am also thinking of making a crochet blanket of cotton. It is time to pull out the stash, stored in two small vintage cases (my grandmother and her sister kept their hospital kit in them – nighties, sponge bags and such).

I love planning projects. I love stash reduction. I look forward to buying yarn for specific projects and using it immediately, not for the someday when I have completed a lot of other projects. I am trying to cut down on projects too. I don’t want to end up living in a self-made padded cell.

We have already had a heatwave this year, during the school holidays, the over-40-degree type (over 100 F). My son and I stayed inside the house, mostly playing board games, reading Moomin comics, and creating some very large paintings. I love the paintings. They cover the length of the walls where I have hung them (we go through a lot of BluTak), and are so much better than the scrappy little pictures we usually have stuck about the place. I can thoroughly recommend staying on the floor when it is hot, to paint.

underwaterpaintingWe are about to have another heatwave. I find I cannot be bothered setting up the weaving loom. I don’t want to stand. So I am going to crochet a blanket, just using the cotton that is in the stash, and a small granny square pattern that was printed in Mollie Makes and seemed to be prevalent on pinterest for a while. I do not expect mine to look so good, as I am not worrying about colour too much. My stashed colours are fairly drab. However, as I won’t have the Mollie Makes photo attached to the blanket, it will look good in its own way. I have quickly made three squares. They have a distinct air of dishcloth about them, and I like them very much. smallcottongrannies

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