a few projects

pigeonpieceswideLife has been hectic. I think the craziness began the weekend the Christmas tree was decorated.

Since then, there has been swimming lessons at school (with parent helpers required in the change rooms – ugh), a follow-up illness (that keeps coming and going), and the usual insanity of trying to complete the Christmas shopping. There are only 13 school days remaining, and some of those are half-filled already (lunch with friends, school commitments – and today another sick day for the boy). Time goes so quickly.

I have three craft projects in progress, more than usual. They are all for my son, I just realised.


The felt pigeons are for his birthday, to decorate the umbrella outside. I find when making a batch of felt creatures it is best to devote a session to cutting out the pieces, and then sew them together whenever the mood strikes. That is my version of a production line.


The green jumper will replace a similar blue jumper that I knit for him when he was three. The sleeves are now a bit short. It was large when first made, obviously, and he used to sit with his legs tucked up in the jumper if he felt chilly. I am using some Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton yarn, and the pattern is one of those mish-mash efforts, with panels taken from Gladys Thompson’s ‘Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys and Arans’. When I made the blue jumper, I first tried rib variations between panels, but found it was too difficult to determine gauge, and the stitches seemed to get lost in their ribbiness, so I resorted to the few stitches of moss stitch as used by Debbie Bliss and Jo Sharp in jumpers like this. It made the calculations a lot easier.


The final project is a crochet kitten from ‘super-super cute crochet’ by Brigitte Read (image above taken from book), an impulse purchase from the Book Grocer (remaindered books – but so often craft books I’ve not seen in regular bookshops). I correctly assumed my son would love a few of the animals within it. He absolutely had to have the kitten. It just would have been nice if I used the correct size crochet hook the first time. I have a strange set of hooks with all sorts of writing on them, and I was silly in assuming that the numerals I recognised were mm measurements.


How embarassing, I just noticed that some have different numerals on each side. Anyway, I am now using an American hook, where it is very clear that the size is the one I want. I will have to stick warning labels on the other ‘spare’ hooks. Both sets were presents from my mother. And the green hook – my mother’s childhood hook which she gave me when I was a child, and is still my favourite hook.

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