the lesson I never learn


I rarely cast on the right amount of stitches before I start knitting. I wish I would learn to count stitches in a quiet room. Even marking every fifty stitches and counting them twice didn’t work. Somehow I had 200 sts instead of 180. (I bet I was interupted each time I thought ‘now I will just pull 20 sts off the needle’.) So when I placed the paperclips to mark the increase sites for the cables in this jumper, the paperclips just didn’t make it all the way around. I counted between paperclips and checked my graph twice before it occurred to me that I might not have the right number of stitches on the needle.

But there was too much going on.

We had school holidays for two weeks. We really enjoyed them. We had the right balance between time spent playing at home and time going out. Some outings were exciting, such as going to the Show, and seeing the Planes movie, while others were more mundane such as going to the library and to the bread shop. I felt as though we had returned to our ‘real’ life, the life before school, but with an older boy. Unfortunately, he had to return to school last week, and we both felt deflated. It took us the entire week to adjust, never mind my list of projects to tackle, and the friends he had missed.

I took this photo one morning in Ocean Grove, where we spent a long weekend. I enjoyed solitary walks along the beach before the others woke.



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