trip to the op shop

trip to the op shopWe took a carload of junk to the op shop on Saturday. I am always surprised by how grateful the workers are whenever we drop off a load (three times now), for once I decide we don’t want or need something, it becomes junk in my mind, and I find it difficult to believe that anyone else would want it. But they do. I had a good look in this op shop before making the first donation, to ensure I wasn’t donating stuff that would better be placed in my rubbish bin. I could see that my junk would fit in well with the shop’s stock. I also noticed that customers were filling baskets with the stock, and I have seen people walk out of the shop with multiple bags of purchases. Maybe these people are hoarders, or maybe they can’t afford to shop elsewhere, or want articles that have become unique with the passing of time since their original manufacture. I like knowing that most of my former possessions are not going to landfill, that they are serving some purpose in someone else’s life, and that by donating them I contribute very slightly to a decrease in manufacture of new super-cheap items. For once I have donated items, I don’t rush out to buy things to fill the space they have emptied. I want some breathing room in this house.

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