Wiped Out

prehistoric at shelly beachI attended a yoga class yesterday. Today I am feeling completely wiped out. The two are connected.

I wanted to try a class at this particular yoga school for quite some time. The classes are at 10 am and last 2 hours. I thought that would be perfect for me during the week. I had some reluctance about attending, simply because of some bad teacher experiences in the past (one had me unable to sit with crossed legs for over 6 months, thanks to an adjustment that damaged my knee). So yesterday I worked up the courage, spoke to the teacher before class about my wonky joints that do not want any pressure applied to them, and then participated in a very good class.

Cycling home seemed to require more effort than the class, as I rode into the wind.

But today, I am exhausted. I slept poorly. I had too much to do in the bit of time between returning from class and collecting my son from school. It seemed I couldn’t shove enough food into my mouth. (In the past, a couple of thick slices of toast with avocado would have helped a lot.)

So now I am rethinking my yoga aspirations. I will continue with my daily practise at home. Without it something happens to my hips that has me hobbling about. I have no interest in surgery. I still want to attend classes. But I have changed my mind about the sort of class I want to attend. I thought I wanted to attend classes that would extend me, turn me into some sort of strong rubbery person.

Now I think fondly of a class I tried a couple of months ago. It was at one of the local swimming pools. It lasted just an hour. The instructor was one of the last people to walk into the room. He climbed onto a platform at the front of the class and talked us through a series of poses. Some of the combinations had me worried about whether I would be able to move the next day, but I was fine. There were no adjustments, and no show-off poses. I had never seen such a broad range of students before – from young university students (or people that age) to very old people wearing their normal clothes. It was a very pleasant class. I liked the pace of the class, the humour of the instructor (and his age, he was definitely over seventy and may have had a hip replacement operation), and the very practical approach to the exercises. No visualising breath coming in the wrong orifice, or thinking of lungs as trees while simultaneously remembering too much from anatomy classes.

I am going to attend the brief pleasant classes. They fit in with the life I lead.

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