The first post is hard.


I have several post ideas, but don’t want to have any of them be the first post. What if a single post somehow defines the whole blog, and I get stuck with a narrower focus than I want? This is not to be just a craft blog, or a cooking blog, or a book blog, and it is especially not to be a rant blog (that is my rule for me – rants do not make me a nicer or happier person, and both of these matter to me).

It will be a ME blog. Little scraps of whatever life tosses at me. Bits of work I am doing (none of it paid, in case you are wondering). I hope to create something that makes life that little bit better for others, sometimes, in some way.

Some of my favourite blogs have fizzled away recently. I liked the way they inspired me to think, to create, to do things a little differently. Perhaps the effects were minor, but they added to the quality of my days. I hope I can do the same for others.

So there we have it: a few vague aims, with an intention to post at least weekly.

Perhaps a terrible post, but it is the first, and the first of anything is rarely the best.

Thank goodness!

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